Mentors are urgently needed to help our children because nearly half of the youth population in the U.S. (17.6 million kids to be exact) is “at-risk” to get into trouble or “high-risk” and already in trouble.

Mentoring has proven to be one of the best solutions to helping our youth, but we need skilled mentors. It can be intimidating for people to mentor if they haven't had any experience. Even those who have been mentoring for a long time can run into difficult situations.

Mentor Youth Now is a one-of-a-kind book that covers all aspects of mentoring, from the basics to setting boundaries, teaching life skills and how to end a mentoring relationship. It’s a precious resource that targets at-risk and high-risk youth. This guidebook is packed with detailed information on:

            •  the process of becoming a mentor
            •  special tips and techniques
            •  inspirational stories about mentors  
                from around the U.S.
            •  field-tested solutions to challenges
            •  sample templates
            •  creative arts mentoring
            •  dozens of mentoring organizations in the country
            •  more than 100 fun places to visit and cool things to do

In addition, "The State of America’s Youth" is included. This 30-page cited report is a great tool for grantwriters, teachers, students and others who want to learn about the challenges that our youth face.

Mentor Youth Now is chock full of practical guidance. With this book, anyone can become a powerful and confident mentor to help transform young lives.

"Mentor Youth Now" is only $14.36 plus shipping and it makes a terrific gift, especially since January is National Mentoring Month.

Checks can be made to Jill Gurr
 Please contact her for the mailing address and include $5 for shipping & handling.


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